Praise for The King's Lizard


September, 2013:


This letter praising Dead Lizard's Dance just came in from a man in San Angelo, Texas:  "I was apprehensive. . . I was in the throes of moving and all that entails. I figured I could invest in the first few chapters. I am interested in the early history of New Mexico, so at least I had that.

I was captured immediately and enjoyed it immensely all the way through the epilogue! Because of the move I couldn't read as quickly as I had hoped and the list of characters, the glossary, and the historical outline helped a lot. I was also impressed by the bibliography, or rather, I was impressed by the historical accuracy of the novel, which was borne out by the bibliography.. . .. .I recall visiting Santa Fe as a kid in the 1960's  . .Often it was easy to see, in my mind's eye, exactly where things were happening.


Thanks for your fabulous book! I can't wait to read more.


from Joe


(Thank you Joe for taking the time to write to me. It means a lot to an author.)



“Through painstaking research and deft writing (Christie) has put together a first-rate novel . . .  she gives the reader a real feel for the hardships and joys of life on the ragged edge of the Spanish empire  ~ a rarity among the many light-weight historical novels knocking around the bookstores nowadays . . . a hell of a saga.”

                                                      Bill Waters, The Santa Fe New Mexican


“a fine tale of suspense from New Mexico’s cast of larger than life characters . . .”

                                                Dr. Frances Levine,

Director, Palace of the Governors, New Mexico History Museum


“tells of a violent time without being a violent story . . .”

                                                          Meredith Britt, The Las Vegas Optic


“a rollicking tale of murder and mystery in old New Mexico . . .Christie’s plot twists are woven so well the reader keeps reading late at night . . .sure to delight the most discriminating historical devotee as well as the mystery fan.”

                                                         Sheila Cowing, Southwest BookViews


“I finished the book at 3:00 a.m. Couldn’t put it down . . . Bravo on a fresh and prodigious piece of work- so much content delivered with such finesse!”

                                                                                     Anne Valley Fox



And More for Dead Lizard’s Dance


 "Filled with rumors of witchcraft, blatant infidelity, betrayal, greed, magic love potions and murder, Dead Lizard’s Dance is a highly readable romp through a juicy era of Southwestern history.

 Best of all, Pamela Christie’s smart and likable underdog detective is back, solving crimes in 18th century Santa Fe.

 It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book that informed and delighted me as much as this one."

Anne Hillerman


 "An intriguing book of murder and mystery set during an important period of New Mexico’s history."

 Marc Simmons


"Take an historical novel set in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, add suspicions of witchcraft, lace it with a rousing good mystery, and you’ve got a winner in Pamela Christie’s Dead Lizard’s Dance."

 Michael McGarrity


 "After the resounding success of Pamela Christie’s 2004 novel, The King’s Lizard, it is a treat to delve into its sequel, Dead Lizard’s Dance.

 Christie has created another compelling and credible tale proving herself an imaginative storyteller with a down-to earth grasp of early New Mexico.

 It adds up to high historical adventure and a page turning read."

 David Grant Noble