s Kill





It’s 1788 in the Kingdom of New Mexico~
A primitive map of incalculable value emerges~ 

Nando, ordered to get the map home,
rides hell-bent for the north.

Spain’s might bears down on the lone man
carrying the elusive document.

Who will be first to plunder New Mexico’s treasure?






 The author gets a kiss from the person to whom she dedicated the new book.



"Tony Hillerman meets Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose. Pam Christie continues her 18th century New Mexico mysteries in Lizard's Kill, a crafty, entertaining blend of a who-done-it and historical fiction..." Johnny D. Boggs






Lizard's Kill is captivating reading for newcomers to the Southwest who want to understand what came before, students of the Spanish Colonial Era, history enthusiasts of every ilk, lovers of eclectic mysteries and anyone who relishes a rollicking saga.
















The King's Lizard


  In the kingdom of New Mexico

Gangs of slavers scour the land

Priests deal in captives and guns

And there's a traitor deep within...

Nando,  twenty-two-year-old son of a Spanish Don

 and a Ute slave woman is commandeered

 to help Governor Anza save the struggling colony. 




Dead Lizard's Dance


Deaths so horrible they can only be the

work of witches.

Nando, inadvertent sleuth,

cannot be sure if the ladies he loves

are the women he seeks for murder. 



The King's Lizard was the 2007 winner of

the New Mexico Press Women’s

 Zia Book Award


Laced with authentic history of the Spanish Southwest.

 Experience early Santa Fe at its fiercest and best!



Any of these three books can be ordered from the author directly at See Book News for more info, including why I am no longer on Amazon!

Also available at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, NM